Kellee + Emily’s Easy Breezy March Wedding in West Seattle

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Guys! I’m so excited to let Jamie take over the reigns on the blog today. She’s going to tell you all about Emily & Kellee’s wedding this spring, her very first time helping out #teamblush!! Read on, she’s pretty cute with all the details!! xoxo bec

Custom-brewed craft beer served in personalized pint glasses…. the cutest ever ring-baring dog…. Bicycles, shamrocks, mini burger sliders, and cake pops… These two adorable brides definitely had a clear vision for their big day, and it was all about the easy, breezy, fun lifestyle that West Seattle has to offer!

With access to scenic parks, sandy Alki beach, and breathtaking views of downtown Seattle, West Seattle is known for it’s relaxed beach-town vibe.  Since Kellee & Emily call West Seattle their home, it was no surprise that they wanted to get hitched at Dakota Park Place right in the heart of The Junction.

I am also fortunate enough to call West Seattle my home, and it was my honor and privilege to be asked to help coordinate Kellee & Emily’s wedding. Not only was this a dream day for the happy couple, but it was a dream come true for me as well, as this was my first time helping coordinate an event with blush celebrations. Being a newlywed myself, I know the nerves and anticipation that go into planning your wedding day, and I know how hard it can be to let someone else take the reigns. I am so grateful that I was able to gain experience in the professional wedding planning industry, but more importantly I was so happy to see two incredibly awesome ladies who are so in love share that love with the world.


All photographs in this blog post are courtesy of Wendy Waltz Photography.

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I Found My Wedding Posse and They Will Rock Their Deatheater-ness

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You guys! There is so much going on right now, and I seriously can’t wait to tell you all about it!! But first, I need to tell you about these kick ass new peeps I found to join my team! Let me introduce you to them…


941748_848495167045_1340953625_nHow can you not love this face?! And she’s in a COFFIN you guys. I love her.

“My basic philosophy is that a sense of humor is vital to all things! Who has time for stress when there’s laughter? I several years of event planning experience, and love every second of the planning process (to do lists are my favorite thing). Which makes sense because I’m a Ravenclaw – we’re strategizers. I’ve also been cosplaying for a number of years, so have that random set of useful skills if ever there is to be a wardrobe malfunction, or a wedding in Elvish.”

 { JAMIE }

27027_502004200163_3010114_nIs that not the most adorable picture EVER?! She’s just adorable and smiley and I want to keep her in my pocket!

 “I love cats (I have 2!), and in my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, crafting, cooking, learning about crystals and energy healing, and playing video games. I have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow but right now I’m giving it a break from bleaching. I got my first tattoo at 19, and now have quite a few along with some piercings. I would say I am just your stereotypical Seattle vegetarian quasi-nerd new-age hippie! 

 I am also a recent newlywed. After 7 years together, I got to marry my best friend. It was a magical “Day of the Dead” themed wedding that I planned and detailed out from start to finish!! “


6tag-774733436-958199174392034553_774733436This girl has already become invaluable! She helped me clean up a broken mirror her first day in the office without even a hint of worry over all the bad luck that could haunt her! We bond over our daughters, who are the same age, and she’s already lectured me about relaxing and being “off” sometimes, which is pretty much what I need in a sidekick. I can’t wait to pull the funk out of this girl and indoctrinate her into our kooky little world of death eaters and silliness. She’s going to rock this job!!

“Event planning is my passion and the career I would like to eventually be in [full time]. I am very detail oriented and have excellent customer service skills; I’ve been working as a waitress [at a bowling alley, yo] for the last four years”

So I ask you, dear readers and wedding friends, to give them a hug, buy them a drink, and help me welcome them aboard! I hope to have them pop about over the next few weeks and start making their presence known. We are going to Rock. This. Shit!!

XOXO – bec



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Now Hiring Interns and Assistants and Maybe a Death Eater

30 shape Jan

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who have yet to decide … join me. Help me spread my message of sanity, and fun, and non-traditional love.

I’ve been doing this wedding planning thing for a few years now. It’s been a lot of fun (so much fun!!)!! I’ve met some freaky awesome people, and I feel like I’ve grown and learned so much. And it’s time now to pass on some of my knowledge so my little business can grow and thrive and take on a life of its own.

I’ve thought a lot about what I need and who I am looking for, and I realized a few things.

  • I am hoping to build a team; I’d like to train several associate planners to work together and book weddings under our business umbrella. I need people with a vision, with a passion, and with the creativity and drive to move forward and expand this little world I live in and spread sanity to the masses. If you have marketing skills, can help with sales, and/or have a good business head on your shoulders (on top of this whole “passion for weddings” thing), come to me. I need you.
  • I want to surround myself with people who see that the glass is, indeed, half full. No matter what kind of glass it is. And people with a sense of humor. Laughter is contagious, and it makes people happy.
  • I want to find people who are full of love and acceptance; people who are fully supportive of the LGBTQ community (ALL the letters) and can celebrate the differences in everyone.
  • I am looking for geeks and gamers, tattooed (or not), crazy haired (or not) people who can exude professionalism and intoxicating fun in the same breathe. I march to my own drum and hope to find a tribe of people who do the same. We might all need to swoosh around in black robes like Death Eaters at some point.

I really want to swoosh around in a robe. That sounds like an epic Friday night plan. Continue reading

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